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about Religion and Atheism, often touching on Science topics because they all tend to overlap.

I often run into folks who ask me why I don't claim to be an agnostic instead of an atheist. The more aggressive of these folks will actually accuse me of being illogical for claiming to be an atheist and they assert that agnosticism is the logical conclusion. This confusion is based on a misunderstanding of the concepts involved, so I figured I would write out an explanation here to make it understandable.

I don't remember what brought it up the other day, but we had a good laugh when we realized that in a house with 2 Christians and an Atheist that it was the Atheist who was the only one who was baptized. (It turned out, however, that two of us are baptized, so not as ironic as originally thought)

I thought it would still be amusing though to post about my baptism though because I have photos! 

My interview with A Matter of Doubt podcast is now available! You can hear my deconversion story starting from Jehovah's Witness and ending at Atheist with a lot of fun bits in between and some general discussion near the end about religion in general. 

For the last couple of months, I have been listening to a really great podcast called A Matter of Doubt. The hosts of the podcast, Steve and Brian, discuss many topics relating to religion and belief and often do so from a philisophical viewpoint (as opposed to a scientific or historical viewpoint). One of the things I really dig about their podcast is that they feature Deconversion stories from their guests.


Is Allah the same as Yahweh?

While discussing Allah with some Christians, I made the statement that Allah is the same as Yahweh... and this apparently set a whole bunch of people off who had to tell me I was wrong. I read the Qur'an last year and I cannot possibly understand how anyone could read this book and say Allah is a different god from Yahweh.

When talking to religious folks we are often discussing the topic of evidence which commonly leads to the question: What evidence would cause you to believe in God?

To quote Aron Ra, a popular atheist on YouTube:


Pope Francis recently stirred some things up by stating that "doing good" is the most important key to getting into heaven, even going so far as to say that atheists can get into heaven as long as they do good throughout their lives. I wonder what kind of reactions will happen to this across the world, even outside Catholicism.

Whether you are a believer or not, you've had to have heard about contradictions in the Bible. Believers usually try to dismiss the contradictions by claiming they aren't truly contradictions. (e.g. the contradictions in the Gospels about who finds the empty tomb.)

I speak with religious folks on a fairly regular basis about the conflict between religion and science and they will often point to the fact that nearly all prominent scientists throughout history have been religious and since Albert Einstein is such a well-known scientist who existed JUST long enough ago to be mythic, they will often reach specifically for Albert Einstein as an example. Many religious folks claim Einstein was religious and they are assisted in this false claim because of many quotes directly from Einstein which appear to prove them right.

Futurama Scene showing a long list of non-missing links.

Yesterday, I began a story about a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses in my living room. I finished yesterday's post after I scolded the gentleman for making the ridiculous claim that scientists don't believe in the Big Bang Theory anymore. /facepalm

He tried the First Cause argument. He tried dismissing the Big Bang Theory. It was time to pull out another awful argument. 


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