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about my life in general, my friends, family, etc.

My interview with A Matter of Doubt podcast is now available! You can hear my deconversion story starting from Jehovah's Witness and ending at Atheist with a lot of fun bits in between and some general discussion near the end about religion in general. 

For the last couple of months, I have been listening to a really great podcast called A Matter of Doubt. The hosts of the podcast, Steve and Brian, discuss many topics relating to religion and belief and often do so from a philisophical viewpoint (as opposed to a scientific or historical viewpoint). One of the things I really dig about their podcast is that they feature Deconversion stories from their guests.

Part-way through the month I managed to make it down to 50 lbs lost, but I've fluctuated a bunch and at the moment I'm at 49 lbs lost! :) I'll make it past this point though, I will carry on! My current goal is to lose 62 lbs which would bring me down to 200 lbs, although I'll like celebrate at 199 lbs because of the symbolic fun of changing the hundreds digit. 

It's that time again! My weigh-in this morning was 216 lbs, which brings me to 46 pounds lost!

I've had some really good moments this month, I was able to spend some time with friends I hadn't seen in awhile! It was especially nice when they would first see me and be visibly taken aback. I got several "Wow" responses, which is very nice for the ego. :) 

I recently referenced the "Large Chocolate Shake To Go" person in one of my tweets and it elicited several questioning looks. It's been awhile since I told the story, so I figured I would drop it here for posterity and clarity. 

Wait, what? I'm excited about being overweight?

Not really... it's just that my BMI measurement has transitioned from Obese to Overweight! :) 

My weigh-in this morning brings me to the 40 lbs lost mark! (39.8, but close enough.)

Everyone has been so supportive and helpful and I really appreciate all of the love! Several other people have hooked up on MyFitnessPal and have been doing really well! Tim has been kicking a great deal of ass well, so make sure to show Tim some love!

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This is my primary love language! Before I read the book I had listened to my friends discussing it and identified my language right off the bat. My lady, Theresa, gave me a copy of the book as a present and once I started reading it I was taken with it and was driven to continue. It all made sense, but it was when I got to "my" chapter that the light shone through. The memories of my life started racing through my head and the missing puzzle pieces that explained the dysfunction in so many of my relationships fell into place. I finally understood.

The fourth language in Chapman's five is what he calls Acts of Service. Many people show their love by doing things for their loved ones. Cooking, cleaning, paying bills, walking the dog, mowing the lawn, etc. The range of possible actions is incredible so it is important to find out which specific actions make your partner feel loved. Perhaps I take the time to fill the gas tank on her car so that when she goes somewhere in the morning she never has to worry about running out of gas.

While some people are moved by a loving word, others prefer tangible tokens of love. They don't need to be expensive or extravagant. The gift itself isn't the love. The gift is a visual representation of the time you spent thinking about getting the gift, choosing which gift to get, and acquiring the gift. In addition, it can show that you were paying attention to them at some point in the past when they expressed a desire for that item in particular.


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