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A couple of funny images went by on my Facebook in the last couple of days including the one above. I also saw one about having salaries in Congress based on the performance of the economy. It got me thinking, because it's an interesting idea. A few problems jumped to mind:

How do you punish legislators in 2012 for economic problems which were caused by laws passed and/or repealed 10 years ago?


Mitt Romney has changed positions several times on what he would do about Obamacare (Afforable Care Act) if elected, but what he said on Meet the Press this week was that he supports repealing parts of it and replacing them with other things. Now, for the record, this is contradictory to his stated support for Issues on his website which explicitly says he supports a "full repeal" of Obamacare which would be replaced by 50 individual state health care reforms...

I'm watching David Gregory's interview with Mitt Romney on Meet the Press right now and the words that Romney DIDN'T say are the scariest ones. Follow me here for a second:

David Gregory: You've called the debt and our deficit a moral crisis, but in addition to extending the Bush Tax Cuts you want to cut tax rates an additional 20%. You've rejected a 10 to 1 spending ratio when it comes to spending to increasing taxes and yet you want to balance the budget. The math simply doesn't add up, does it?

I think the largest issue facing our country is unemployment and the second largest issue is the debt. This is what I see when I look at my two (realistic) options for President:

I went to each of their twitter feeds and screen captured 3 pages worth, regardless of how much time that covered.

Recently Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo spoke out in support of same-sex marriage. I say "Good on him!" 

You've heard it a hundred times before. Obama said that "If you've got a business, you didn't build that!" 

How dare he say I didn't build my business! He'd have to be pretty stupid to say something like that, right? 

This is one of those moments where your skepticism should immediately kick in and you should think, "That CAN'T be true" and then go check. 

I recently saw a friend post something on Facebook about Obama trying to take away the voting rights of members of the military. I often see statements which immediately trigger a response from me which is something like, "That can't be true..." and so I take a look.

Todd Akin

The Internet was filled today with stories of Republican Todd Akin saying Women Don't Really Get Pregnant from "Legitimate Rape."


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