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Republican / GOP

During the first Presidential debate Mitt Romney was asked what he would cut in the Federal budget. His response was that he'd cut Obamacare (which reduces the budget deficit) and he'd cut PBS and Big Bird. So, he'd increase the budget deficit by repealing Obamacare and he'd reduce the budget deficit by cutting funding to Big Bird. Let's look at those numbers.

I think the largest issue facing our country is unemployment and the second largest issue is the debt. This is what I see when I look at my two (realistic) options for President:

You've heard it a hundred times before. Obama said that "If you've got a business, you didn't build that!" 

How dare he say I didn't build my business! He'd have to be pretty stupid to say something like that, right? 

This is one of those moments where your skepticism should immediately kick in and you should think, "That CAN'T be true" and then go check. 

Todd Akin

The Internet was filled today with stories of Republican Todd Akin saying Women Don't Really Get Pregnant from "Legitimate Rape."


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