Are you as scared as I am that Trump might win? Time to help Clinton.

These first two charts are Chance of Winning from 538 in 2012. (Obama vs Romney). 

538 Chance of Winning Projection 2012 After Debate

538 Chance of Winning Projection 2012 Before Debate

Do you see that TRAGIC drop near the end? From 86% to 61%? 

That’s what happened when Obama got crushed during the first debate on October 3rd. He spent the entire remainder of the election trying to undo that damage and he ended on Nov 6 with a 90% chance of winning (only 4% higher than the first debate).

Now look at the 3rd chart… that’s 538’s chance of winning chart for today. 57% chance of Clinton winning.

538 Chance of Winning Projection 2016 Before Debate

Combine this with the vast abdication of responsibility from the media who directly STATE that they are all judging Trump with a lower bar and how terrible that is… but then continue to do it.

Now you know why I’m still in a state of #PantsShittingTerror.

Are you ready to start volunteering to make phone calls for Clinton? I am.