Bill Nye vs Ken Ham: What would change your mind?

Last night was the “Creation Debate” between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham (the guy with the Creationist Museum). I was really worried about this event, because it can be really dangerous to put real science on the same stage with fake, anti-science religious dogma. Some people can’t tell the difference and many people were concerned about lending any kind of credence to Ham’s sham-science. However, Bill Nye did what Bill Nye is famous for doing: Teaching Science! He spent his time on the stage teaching real science while simultaneously pointing out all of the ridiculous things in Ken Ham’s beliefs about the origins of the universe and species.

The Question of the Night was “What, if anything, would ever change your mind?” The answers to the question show you exactly who is honestly searching for knowledge and who is blinded by faith.

In short, Ken Ham’s response was “Nothing” and Bill Nye’s response was “Just one piece of evidence.”

Bill Nye v Ken Ham What would Change your Mind

Let me take a moment to introduce you to Ken Ham, if you aren’t already familiar. You yourself might be a Christian who believes God created the Universe, but even you will most likely think Ken Ham’s ideas are crazy. Ham is a Young Earth Creationist, so he rejects the mountains of science we have which proves dinosaurs existed millions of years ago, the Earth was formed billions of years ago, and that the Universe is many billions of years older than the Earth. He believes dinosaurs, like Tyranasaurus Rex, were vegetarians in the Garden of Eden. Let me say that again…

He believes dinosaurs, like Tyranasaurus Rex, were vegetarians in the Garden of Eden.

T rex bones


He thinks fire-breathing dragons are real and uses them in advertisements for his Creation Museum. I shit you not:


Regardless of your beliefs, I recommend watching the debate (included below) so you can see how Bill Nye’s intellectually honest approach of providing evidence again and again compares to Ken Ham’s assertion of truth by fiat and his desperate attempts to convince you by simply showing you a handful of scientists who believe in creationism. News Flash, Ken, we don’t trust in the findings of science because we ascribe authority to individual scientists. Science is trustworthy because it does not rely on authority of individuals, but instead upon verifiable evidence and the adversarial process of scientific validation.