An Example of What’s Wrong with Android

This is what is wrong with Android.

I’m watching this presentation about what’s new in Android M (the next release of Android) and I encounter a statement at (minute 17:00) that so perfectly encapsulates what is wrong with Android. They are describing some of the new UI features they have included and they get to “the FAB”. It stands for Floating Action Button and it is part of Google’s standard UI for things.

At minute 17:00 he says…

“and then the FAB. Everybody always asked us for the FAB, and we’re like ‘It’s just a circle with a shadow’ but apparently they wanted it.”

Yes, genius, we want you to provide us your standard fucking UI buttons so that our apps look professional and also provide the user a standard interface. Yes, it’s just a circle with a shadow, but I’ve got better things to do with my programming time than build a standard button that tries to look exactly like your standard button but never will look exactly like your button. 

This is what is wrong with the Android engineering mindset. They have no idea why developers don’t want to spend hours on the basic look of (what should be) standard buttons. We want to work on the code that makes our apps interesting, we don’t want to work on trying to mimic UI elements that should already be available to us. Even after tons of requests for this feature, they only included it because it was so in demand, but listen to his voice.. he still doesn’t even understand WHY we would want this standard UI element, even if it a simple element.

He doesn’t get it.