I Will Not Stand for a DNC that Will Not Stand for Me

Dear Congresswoman Hahn, Senator Boxer, Senator Feinstein, and Secretary Clinton,

I am a small business owner in Long Beach, CA, I’ve been a Democrat for decades, and I am an atheist. I am disgusted to see that the DNC has not only violated its neutrality in this year’s primary, but, more importantly, I am appalled to discover that the DNC was plotting to use “atheist” as a smear against anyone. The discussion of using religious/non-religious bigotry to win votes is utterly repulsive and a violation of everything this party is supposed to stand for. 

I’ve been a loyal member of this party. I volunteered full-time in 2008 in a rural area of a Nevada to help get Barack Obama elected. I’ve stood up for Democrats and for Hillary Clinton a countless number of times but today I feel utterly betrayed and I’m not sure if I should continue defending them.

The CEO, Amy Dacey, and the CFO, Brad Marshall, must be removed from their positions at the DNC and publicly rebuked. Imagine if a top executive of the RNC was discovered trying to spread the rumor that a candidate was gay because the RNC knew it would cost that candidate votes in the South. We would publicly chastise them and call for that person to be fired immediately, but when it happens in our own party against atheists there is no action taken.

I ask you, as my Representative/Senator/Party’s Nominee, to please act to correct this bigotry within the DNC because I, and millions of other atheists, no longer feel welcome in the Democratic Party.

Kenny Wyland
Liberal, Small Business Owner, Atheist

I am calling the offices of all those above to deliver this message, as well as sending this in as a written letter, and I call upon all atheists to do the same.

We are atheists and we vote. They need to hear us.

Find your Congressional Representative here.

Find your Senators here.

UPDATE: Aug 2nd, 2016

We have succeeded! 

DNC officials involved in plan to out Bernie Sanders as an atheist have resigned