Kenny w/o a Shirt: January to August – 53 lbs lost! Bonus: US Open of Surfing Photos!

For those who don’t know, I do a bunch of Geek work for the US Open of Surfing. I did the development work for the website (a professional graphic artist created the artwork, but I developed the functionality), but I also worked with my best friend, Kyle, to produce a social-networking Photo Booth game for the on-beach event which run on a series of iOS devices. In short, it worked like this:

Photo Booth Signup LinePhoto Booth Sign Up iPad

Step 1) A visitor to the US Open of Surfing would sign up for the game (by interacting with an iPad app we wrote) and they would receive an RFID bracelet. Their bracelet/account is linked to their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

Step 2) They visit the different Photo Booths around the US Open of Surfing. The photo booth consists of an iPad, which the visitor interacts with, and an iPod which is controlled by one of our Photographers. The iPad and iPod communicate with each other wirelessly. The visitor, and their friends, scan their bracelets on the iPad and then pose to take a photo. The photographer uses the iPod Touch to snap a photo which gets automatically shared to the visitors’ Facebooks and Twitters.

Step 3) Win prizes! After they take the photo, they have a chance to win some prizes. Rinse, snap photo, repeat.

Scanning FriendsPhotographerPhoto Booth Winner


We had more than 10,000 photos taken and I’m still going through them all, but here are a couple of my favorites:

Photo Booth VaderingPhoto Booth Girls JumpingPhoto Booth Dude Jumping


But now… to the weigh-in!

I made it down to 206 lbs during the month, but then the US Open of Surfing hit and I really couldn’t control my food intake nor did I have the time or energy to work out. That week involved getting up between 5am-6am and working until midnight with almost no downtime. :/ So, I went back up to 210 and I’m diligently working each day to continue my excellent progress. I’m at 209 currently and even though that’s not as low as I would like it to be, it is still strong progress from last month’s weigh-in at 213 so I can’t really complain. 🙂 

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