Kenny w/o a Shirt: January to November – Now wearing a suit!

A year ago, in October of 2012, I attended the charity event I Survived Real Estate 2012. Theresa, Kyle, Tiffany and I have been attending this event for several years and we enjoy taking some photos while we are all dressed in our fancy clothes. The photo above is our “company photo” and as you can see, I look like Guido the Calculator Guy. However, 12 months and 53 lbs later, we recreated the photo. I have a neck! Also, the zoot suit jackets are not the same! Two years ago, I had to buy a larger zoot suit jacket because my original one was too small as I gained weight. However, this year I was able to return to my original jacket and it was even loose on me. 🙂

Kenny and Kyle at I Survived Real Estate

I apparently forgot to take pictures in October because I was so busy with work, but I didn’t lose any weight, so I duplicated September’s photo so that I don’t have a gap. /sadface

Kenny and KyleKenny Zoot SuitKenny and TheresaKyle and Tiffany

January through November



January and November only

Kenny from the Side First and Last Kenny's Face Jan and Nov