Obama is an American: Insanity of the GOP

The Republican Party has become so dysfunctional that their elected politicians are downright afraid to even risk saying Obama is an American and was legitimately elected President. It has truly become a sickness among the GOP that such a reasonable statement cannot even be uttered. Congressional Republicans need to dance around it and play word games simply to avoid admitting Obama is an American and was legitimately elected President.

Chris Matthews has been taking the opportunity in the last month or two to challenge all of his Congressional Republican guests and make them admit it. Matthews is of the opinion, and I tend to agree with him, that the crazy behaviors of Congressional Republicans can be traced back to their denial of the legitimacy of Obama’s Presidency.

In the video clip below, Chris Matthews is speaking with Rep Farenthold (R-TX). Matthews is talking about how some Congressional Republicans are verbally attacking Ted Cruz, another Congressional Republican, and asks Farenthold why he thinks those Republicans are attacking Cruz. Farenthold tries to deflect by saying those Republicans are probably planning to run against Ted Cruz for President some day. This is important because Ted Cruz was born in Canada! His mother was born in the US and his father was born in Cuba. 

So, Farenthold opened the door and Matthews pounced. Matthews started asking Farenthold if Cruz was eligible to run for President and the slight dodging began. Matthews continued to push and Farenthold said, directly, that Ted Cruz is indeed eligible to be President. Then Matthews pressed and tried to get Farenthold to then agree that even if Donald Trump’s crazy assertion about Obama being born in Kenya was true, that Obama would still be a natural born citizen because his mother was born in the US. 

The dodging then ramps up to levels not seen since ESPN 8, The Ocho

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Matthews even pushed Farenthold to the point where he simply asked him to repeat the words and he couldn’t do it:

Matthews: Repeat after me. “He was legitimately elected President.”

Farenthold: President Obama was elected President.

He decided to play along and repeat after Matthews, but intentionally dropped the word legitimately! This is a sickness that will destroy the GOP if they don’t get control of a) their elected politicians and b) their constituency who punish them for daring to admit Obama is an American.

If you wish to watch the full Chris Matthews segment above, you may see it here: GOP Representative Farenthold won’t say Obama was legitimately elected