Pascal’s Wager: Stop it.

Pascal’s Wager is a idea that religious folks, especially Christians, use against atheists all the time, even if they don’t know that the idea is called Pascal’s Wager. In short, the wager goes like this: If God doesn’t exist you gain nothing for believing and lose nothing for believing. If God DOES exist, you gain heaven for believing and you get stuck in Hell for not believing. 

The folks who use this logic always forget that there are like 3000 different gods. When a Christian presents Pascal’s Wager to me and says, “But what if you’re wrong?”

I commonly just respond and say, “What if you’re wrong?”

Then they usually assume that means “There is no god and I was wrong so…. nothing bad happens to me.” 

Then I respond, “No, no, no, what if you’re wrong and Allah is the One, True God? Then you have lost Heaven for not believing and you’ll spend an eternity burning in Hell.” 

Hedging your bets doesn’t work when you actually consider that other Gods might be the One, True God.