Pay to Filibuster?

A couple of funny images went by on my Facebook in the last couple of days including the one above. I also saw one about having salaries in Congress based on the performance of the economy. It got me thinking, because it’s an interesting idea. A few problems jumped to mind:

How do you punish legislators in 2012 for economic problems which were caused by laws passed and/or repealed 10 years ago?

How do you properly assign blame? What if one party is obstructing progress and hurting the economy, should you punish the salaries of both parties? That doesn’t seem fair…

But then that led my brain to a different idea:


If you obstruct Congress by using the filibuster, then you must forfeit your salary.

Now, the filibuster would be less of an issue if we would just reinstate the requirement to actually speak in front of Congress so that people could SEE you physically obstructing progress. However, I think this would be a great change. After all, if you are filibustering because your principles demand that you stand up, then you shouldn’t mind making a sacrifice for those principles.