With Truth on your Side, You Don’t Need to Lie

If you really think the truth is being covered up or that you have uncovered the truth… then you don’t need to lie to make your point. I saw this image on twitter today, posted by a conspiracy account with 169,000+ followers and this particular image, as of the writing of this post, has been retweeted more than 15,000 times and has been Favorited more than 10,000 times. 

The woman in the photo is Beverly Eckert. Let’s review the claims in the image:

1) 9/11 Witness

This first part is only slightly off. She was not a witness to the attacks on 9/11, she’s a 9/11 widow. Her husband was in one of the towers and was killed when it collapsed. She was on the phone with him as it happened, you can hear Beverly recount the experience at StoryCorps

2) meets Obama at the White House


3) to ask him to Investigate 9/11

UTTERLY FALSE. Beverly Eckert definitely wanted 9/11 investigated, and she worked to make that happen… and she did so twelve years ago in 2002! Her efforts, along with many others, culminated in the well-known 9/11 Commission which investigated the attacks and produced a massive report on what happened and how we can try to prevent it from happening again. She’s not a crack-pot 9/11 Truther who is still, against all evidence, crying about 9/11 being investigated. She wanted it investigated, she got the investigation completed, and she has continued to work as an advocate for the victims and victims’ families. 

The meeting she was attending was with 40 family members of victims of 9/11 and of the USS Cole bombing. They were to discuss plans for closing GITMO and how terrorism suspects are prosecuted. 

4) Dies 6 days later in a plane crash

True. She died in the crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407.

5) in a Plane Crash Obama gave her tickets for

This one is just pulled directly out of someone’s anus. She was flying back to gather with her family for what would have been her husband’s birthday. The liars who are selling you the supposed “truth” just made this part up out of thin air.

The liars who peddle this bullshit are taking advantage of the ignorant and the gullible. They weave their lies with truth so that you can verify parts 2 and 4 are true so that you’ll then just assume 3 and 5 are true. These bullshit merchants build all of their propaganda on lies, because they can’t build their case on truth.

With truth on your side, you don’t need to lie to convince people of your position.