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Ockham's Razor: The simplest explanation that fits the available facts is generally the correct one.

Trump's Razor: The DUMBEST FUCKING explanation that fits the available facts is generally the correct one.

Example: Trump is constantly sniffling throughout the debate.

Ockham's Razor: He probably had a cold.

The election is in full swing and I struggle to find time to write, but I'm going to try to post a bit more often. The most common sentiment I run into during this campaign, one that I tended to fall victim to myself (to a lesser degree), is the idea that Hillary Clinton is corrupt and that she's dishonest. I ran into the meme to the right earlier today.

I suspect, by now, even Donald Trump has come to the realization that, barring something extraordinary occurring, he is going to lose.

Dear Congresswoman Hahn, Senator Boxer, Senator Feinstein, and Secretary Clinton,

I am a small business owner in Long Beach, CA, I've been a Democrat for decades, and I am an atheist. I am disgusted to see that the DNC has not only violated its neutrality in this year's primary, but, more importantly, I am appalled to discover that the DNC was plotting to use "atheist" as a smear against anyone. The discussion of using religious/non-religious bigotry to win votes is utterly repulsive and a violation of everything this party is supposed to stand for. 

I didn't want to post another article about how faith led to the murder of a bunch more people so soon after posting Islamic Extremism and Paris: Faith Isn't A Fucking Virtue, but here I am.

From the Planned Parenthood Shooter's perspective, his action was rational. This isn't a question of mental illness or insanity. 

He was taught to believe, by faith, that:

If you haven't taken the time to listen to the audio (or read the transcript) on my previous post, Islamic Extremism and Paris: Faith Isn't A Fucking Virtue, please take a few minutes to do that now. It's very important and informs the rest of this post.

This will likely be the most incindiary thing I post on my blog, probably ever. At least, I hope that no situation arises in the future which necessitates doing so. I will be following this up with another blog post in the next few days to talk more about the implications of our current situation, but I leave you with this today. It is the opening of the most recent episode of my favorite podcast, The Scathing Atheist.

I've been blocked by the Old Dixie Pride Facebook page.

I'm sure you can guess how much that hurts me.

The Old Dixie Pride page posts all sorts of stupid images promoting Confederate Flags. My friend, Ryan, and I have been having a great time educating this group of ignorant people about the history they claim to be so proud of.


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