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Now, Satan doesn't actually exist, but for the sake of argument, let's just take the story as it is.

In Genesis chapter 3, we learn about The Fall of Man. Genesis 3:1 says:

If you really think the truth is being covered up or that you have uncovered the truth... then you don't need to lie to make your point. I saw this image on twitter today, posted by a conspiracy account with 169,000+ followers and this particular image, as of the writing of this post, has been retweeted more than 15,000 times and has been Favorited more than 10,000 times. 

Last night was the "Creation Debate" between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham (the guy with the Creationist Museum). I was really worried about this event, because it can be really dangerous to put real science on the same stage with fake, anti-science religious dogma. Some people can't tell the difference and many people were concerned about lending any kind of credence to Ham's sham-science.

Ever since I started working with Drupal and Cloud Files (Rackspace's CDN), I've had the experts telling me that I should use FileConveyor to transfer all of my files from the local disk up to Cloud Files. And I really wanted to.. but EVERY time I've tried to the supposedly super simple fileconveyor, it is broken. Not a single piece of functionality in that damn thing seems to work out of the box.

I'm really tired of hearing people tell me that I have "faith" in science. I've explained it over and over to the various purveyors of this falsehood, but Dr Jerry Coyne has given us an eloquent and detailed response in his article No Faith in Science.

One particularly good quote from the article is when he responds to the other incorrect assertion that Reason itself requires faith:

A year ago, in October of 2012, I attended the charity event I Survived Real Estate 2012. Theresa, Kyle, Tiffany and I have been attending this event for several years and we enjoy taking some photos while we are all dressed in our fancy clothes. The photo above is our "company photo" and as you can see, I look like Guido the Calculator Guy. However, 12 months and 53 lbs later, we recreated the photo. I have a neck! Also, the zoot suit jackets are not the same! Two years ago, I had to buy a larger zoot suit jacket because my original one was too small as I gained weight.

The Republican Party has become so dysfunctional that their elected politicians are downright afraid to even risk saying Obama is an American and was legitimately elected President. It has truly become a sickness among the GOP that such a reasonable statement cannot even be uttered. Congressional Republicans need to dance around it and play word games simply to avoid admitting Obama is an American and was legitimately elected President.

I know I'm a bit behind in posting these thoughts, but my schedule has been pretty tight so I'm still getting through my backlog of posts. There are a lot of questions and bad situations, so I'll try to cover the different points in a simple Q&A.

Should President Obama seek Congressional Approval?

Yes, of course he should.

The summer has been tough for my weight loss progress, but I carry on!

I often run into folks who ask me why I don't claim to be an agnostic instead of an atheist. The more aggressive of these folks will actually accuse me of being illogical for claiming to be an atheist and they assert that agnosticism is the logical conclusion. This confusion is based on a misunderstanding of the concepts involved, so I figured I would write out an explanation here to make it understandable.


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